I have been building custom cabinets and furniture in Portland,OR since 1998. I enjoy creating contemporary pieces as well as historically accurate ones, both of which I take a lot of pride in. I began by building arts and crafts furniture for a local company and so naturally I have a great appreciation for the period. As my skills and experience have grown, likewise has my exposure to and fondness of modern design. I think you shall see that reflected in my work.

Lumber is a precious resource. It takes a very long time for the many trees who's beauty we admire to mature. My goal in building is to have craftsmanship equal that from which it's hewn. To construct in a manner that is not wasting the life of a tree for quick profit, but to have it preserved in the forms I create - preserved hopefully long enough for the resource to replenish itself. I hope you enjoy my site. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Brooks Howald

Licensed - bonded - insured